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Recover Private Key Passphrase ADC Citrix


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I would like to update a certificate on my Citrix ADC 13.86.17, when I update the certificat, the GUI indicate the password is too long.

I would like to change the password but unfortunatly I'm not able to found the private key password.

In the ns.config I can see the password but encrypted.

Is there a way to retrieve in clear text the password ?


Thank you.

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If you are updating the certificate, you can update the private key and cert file to a new files.



If you don't have the passphrase for the private key, you will likely need to generate a new private key and cert file (or equivalent bundle) to use to replace existing files in the certkey object.


If you had the password, you could decrypt the original private key:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX122930/how-to-decrypt-an-rsa-private-key-using-openssl-on-netscaler and then possible change passphrase.  The password isn't meant to be recovered as then the cert private key could be exploited.

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