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7.15 Delivery controllers 'forgetting' vsphere certificate.

David Archibald1709160132


Replaced VSphere certificate last week and isnce then we've had issues with the DDCs being able to power manage mahcines (power state unknown). Have gone through the guides regarding getting the new certificate(s) installed (browser is happy with them and the connection has the correct thumbnail etc.


However the only way I've been able to pass the 'test connection' is by adding a new vsphere connection as far as trusting the new cert. Once I do that the test connection passes but the power state doesn't change. Without any intervention, after a period of time (minutes to hours), the DDC will 'untrust' the cert and the test connection will fail (2 of the 3 will fail due to certificate errors). I can repeat this sequence, but cannot get power state to show correctly and the get-brokerhypervisorconnection state is always 'Unavailable'.


Appreciate we're running pretty old versions here, I am planning to upgrade but not until I iron out this issue and a couple of other minor things.


Any ideas/advice?

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