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M365 prompt to sign in on each server

Zack Foster


We have Server 2019 with the latest build of Office/M365 (2209).  We have a Delivery Group with multiple 2019 servers.  Shared Computer Licensing is configured in Office.  All users are licensed with an M365 license that supports shared activation.   Users are randomly assigned to each server based on server load.  Each time a user signs in to a different server, the user is prompted to login to Office.  I found this KB, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX227286/microsoft-365-apps-office-365-is-randomly-asking-users-to-reactivate.  I verified that the license files are syncing.  Problem persists even when license files sync to a user's profile.  I also tried changing the location of the license files, https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/overview-shared-computer-activation.  This did not work either.  Any thoughts on how we can successfully "roam" the O/M365 license across multiple servers?  Thanks.

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We have a similar setup which worked fine for years, until late last year. 'something' updated which has stopped it working and we get similar behaviour to you, though persisting even if you log into the same server. I can roll back to an image from last year and it is fine, though doing the usual windows updates etc just makes it not work anymore. Very frustrating.

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If Published apps and if Windows Server 2019 is VDA 2203 CU1 or VDA 2206 or later try ShellBridge regkey + required MSKB patches:

CTX267071 Password Field Not Displayed for published Apps in Windows Server 2019 (citrix.com) 

Symptoms or Error

  • When publishing any O365 app such as Excel or Word, users are prompted to authenticate to Office 365 to activate the app.
  • Password field is not rendered when the app is published so users can never authenticate.
  • This also occurs with RDP initial app.
  • Microsoft has reproduced the issue with using RDS on a Server 2019 and Windows 10.



  • The following HDX published application issues are addressed:
    • Microsoft Office password prompt might not appear.
    • Devices such as Printers & Scanners might not appear in the Settings menu.
    • Newly created folders might not show up in the File Explorer application.
    • Open Settings in the File Explorer menu does not work.
    • In applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, when you rename, create, or delete a folder using the Save or Open option, the window does not refresh automatically. However, you can refresh the window manually.
    • During the launch of a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, the app appears on the screen 8-13 seconds after the session completion progress bar of Citrix Workspace app disappears. As a result, users might attempt to do multiple launches.
    • In an HDX seamless session on Windows 11 version 22H2, the print window might be displayed partially if a Print dialog box is open.
    • The search bar of File Explorer does not work.
    • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps cannot be launched successfully if a non-UWP app has been launched before.
  • To enable the fix, do the following steps:
    • Add the following registry details:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent
      Name: Shellbridge
      Type: REG_DWORD
      Value: 1
    • Make sure that the following OS update is installed:
      Windows 11: KB5014019
      Windows Server 2022: KB5014021
      Windows 10: KB5014023
      Windows Server 2019: KB5014022
  • [CVADHELP-14433, CVADHELP-19856]


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What I've found is that this folder needs to be synced:




I have added this folder in the folders to synchronize.  I've verified that this folder is being synced to the Profile file share.  However, on subsequent logins, this folder is not synchronized to the local profile.


How can I synchronize this folder to the local profile?

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