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A single physical target device hangs at black screen with cursor after updating vdisk - rest of collection works fine

Jeramy Carney


Citrix Provisioning


I update vdisk from test to production and entire collection of physical target devices works great, except for one physical target device. The target devices are Dell Precision 7810s. Anyway, I have one target device that continues to not complete the boot process and bring up the Win10 login screen. It gets past the Windows splash screen and the Citrix Provisioning screen showing the server ip address/dhcp ip address/etc. Then it comes to black screen right before Windows 10 should show up with login screen. At the black screen it will hang and if you move mouse the cursor will pop up. Occasionally, the cursor will change to the Windows donut of death and then back to a mouse cursor, but it never finishes loading windows. The image is shared with cache on server persistent and the images are PXE booted. I watch the write cache write as normal for this target device until it hangs after about 20 minutes or so. I can move target device back to a previous image and it works fine. I have had networking compare port configuration with working machines and they match.  I can't figure out why this one target device will not boot on the new image no matter what I have tried while rest of collection works fine. 


Any ideas? 

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