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One pool master per data center? - design choice

Marcel Zunnebeld



I want to build a Citrix Hypervisor environment. 10 physical hosts spread over 2 data centers. 5 hosts in each data center.
Instead of configuring HA via a share (SMB), I am considering building a pool in each data center, with 1 pool master in each pool. If 1 data center fails, the pool in the other data center is not affected and the pool master (+ pool) in the available data center remains active
The VMs are streamed from a PVS server. Each data center has a PVS server and a DDC.

What are the pros and cons of such a setup? Or is it more sensible to create 1 pool, divided over the data centers?

I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your comment Carl!

Does this have any consequences for PVS/DDC traffic?
Both PVS (1 farm) and the DDC (1 site) are spread over the two data centers.
It is therefore possible that a VM in one data center retrieves its PVS image from the PVS server in the other data center.
(For the connection between the two data centers that shouldn't be a problem, that bandwidth is enough. The latency between the two DCs is also negligible).

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