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Citrix Hypervisor - one pool per data center?



I want to build a Citrix Hypervisor environment. 10 physical hosts spread over 2 data centers. 5 hosts in each data center.
Instead of configuring HA via a share (SMB), I am considering building a pool in each data center, with 1 pool master in each pool. If 1 data center fails, the pool in the other data center is not affected and the pool master (+ pool) in the available data center remains active.
The VMs from both pools are streamed from PVS. Each data center has a PVS server and a DDC.

What are the pros and cons of such a setup? Or is it more sensible to create 1 pool, divided over the data centers?

I'd love to hear your opinion.
Thanks in advance!

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When using two pools, it gives you two pool masters, as mentioned by you that if one DC fails, you can manage the pools. But when using one pool, you can force a new pool master when one DC fails. 

Are you using shared storage or local storage? I think you need two separate LUNs when using two pools, as you can't have two pools communicating with one LUN. 

Two pools allow you to update one pool at a time (hotfixes or even new releases).


I would go with two pools as I would design it.

I would advise you to configure two PVS sites and make sure VMs in DC1 connect to the PVS in DC 1 and vice versa. This isn't needed if you have a high-speed connection with low latency. But then I would put 1 PVS server in every DC.


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