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ECDHE Transactions/sec on VPX under SDX14030

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Hi Experts,


I have a query if anyone can help.


We have a SDX14030 box with 10 VPX instance provisioned.


I would like to understand how is the transactions/sec controlled on each VPX. We dont have an option to allocate that. We had an issue where one of the VPX stopped processing SSL traffic when huge traffic load was received. Rebooting VPX fixed it however I am afraid we will run into a similar situation when traffic load increases.


VPX is given below resources


2 SSL Chips

2 Core CPU

400Mbps throughput


Upon opening support case we were told that SDX14030 is cavium based which doesnt go well with ECDHE transactions. But what is the transaction limit is my question per VPX

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