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HTML5 store / multi tabs

Nicolas MASERATI1709156590

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Hello there,



I'm trying to set an HTML5 store, with a new tab for each app.


I set this :

Select Always use HTML 5 Receiver from the Deployment options drop-down menu and depending on the tab in which you want to start applications, select or deselect Launch applications in the same tab as Receiver for Web.


Apps are openend in a new tab, except if session sharing kicks in.


for ex :
Apps A, A', A'' are published on DeliveryGroup A
Apps B, B', B'' are published on DeliveryGroup B

if I launch A, A' and B, I have :
 -1 tab with A & A'
- 1 tab with B


Is there a way to set 1 tab by app, whatever the DG/session sharing settings are ?

The 'multimmonitor button' is doing the job, but my users don't want to use it.






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