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Citrix Migration from 7.15 To 2203 CU1

Thamarai Kannan




I am looking for options to migrate the VDAs registered on the current citrix farm(7.15) to new Citrix farm(2203 CU1). We have the production controller servers running in OS 2012 R2 and i have created a separate Citrix farm with Server 2019, SQL 2019 & installed Citrix 2203 CU1 version. I can import all policies, but I need to how to migrate all running VDAs from the current controller farm to new farm. Also the current storefront stores are connecting to current farm's delivery controller. 

Do I need to create same applications, delivery groups & machine catalogue manually? if we create them manually, how to point the VDAs to new Citrix farm and SF to point the new farm? 

Can you please suggest the migration approach here? 


Current Farm:

Storefront - 1912 & OS 2016 - All stores pointed to controllers running on 7.15

Controllers - 7.15 & OS 2012 R2

VDAs - All VDAs are registered here through group policy. 


New FARM :

Controller : 2203 CU1 and OS 2019

SQL 2019 with AO - Seperate SQL instance and doesn't linked with the current Prod SQL engine

There is no storefront here in the new farm. I have a plan to upgrade the current production SF192 to 2203 with OS upgrade. 

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The easy way is through a group policy. Install GPMC. Install Citrix Group Policy Management Plug-in on the GPMC machine. Edit a GPO that applies to VDA machines. Go to Computer Config > Citrix Policies and edit the Unfiltered policy. Look for the Controllers section and enter the new controller names.


Yes, new farm means new database and you would need to re-create your published apps.

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Thank you, Carl. One more question, can we add a controllers from a different form  SF store? Ex: Currently store is pointed to the production load balanced controller address and all VDAs are registered here. If I am going to make GPO change to register all VDAs to new controller, can I have option to add this new controller load balancer URL along with prod controller to serve the traffics from both farms until we complete the migration? 


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