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The connection to "store" failed with status (Unknown client error 1110).

Zulhadi Zainal


Hi All,


I need some input from expert here. End user always received this error when try accessing to Citrix Hosted Shared Desktop (HSD). As per checked detail in the director, the failed connection stated as client connection failed (connection timeout). And based details, it said connectivity issue between endpoint and VDA/HSD.


Normally, what i do is i asked user to re-try again to launch the citrix workspace to go in the session after they do proper logoff. But sometime it works and some other time is still facing same issue. Can anyone here enlighten me, what  area should I further check if I received this kind of error? I need to get it resolve as this issue always happened daily to different user. Appreciate any input from anyone here. Thanks







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6 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Internal? Or External?


If internal, do you have any security devices inspecting or intercepting the traffic? Or firewalls between the client and the VDA?


Hi Carl,


from external Carl... he accessing from home internet (public internet) . I also have instructed him to try by another connection like hotspot internet from his mobile and success to go in to VDI. So, my main suspect more on his home internet connection. 


But yesterday, it also happened when he accessing to other internet connection (in his office) but failed with same error notify in the director. That make i quite confuse is it the issue on his endpoint (laptop), connection internet or from it ID itself?



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