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Storefront in new Citrix Cloud Deployment

mark mansell


Hi all,

Looking for some basic high level guidance if i may.

We have recently deployed a Citrix Cloud platform to replace our old locally hosted Citrix platform (on W2008).

This requires AD plus Token for logging in which is correct and proper for external hosted.


However we have a number of users that use the old Storefront web access for basic AD authentication we need to migrated off of the old W2008 platform.

We'd like to continue to provide "internal" AD only (no token) access for our applications.


My question is what is the most practical route to achieve this.

My options at the moment seem to be the following:

1/  Build a new local Storefront on W2019.  Link this in DaaS. Purely to get us off W2008.

2/ Build a new "Workspace " environment? (I dont know much about this).


I think my biggest concern is building anything "within" Daas which might require the Token as a default.

Indeed is there anyway to split internal/external login authentication types? 


The important aspect is giving internal users the ability to login with AD creds only.

We have a few hundred and asking those users to start using personal phone authenticators will put increased pressure and services at risk. (we are a hospital).


Any guidance or help would be great.

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