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Overwrite running config with saved config

Nathan Tidwell

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Hi everyone,

I made a change to our VPX 1000 version 13, and I need to revert it. I haven't saved the running config yet. I thought a reboot would fix it, but part of the config is still missing. Is there way to force loading the saved config ns.conf into the running config? Or is there a way to have the VPX reboot and reload the saved config into running config? Thanks for reading.

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There are certain parts of the GUI that will result in a save config (like the Gateway wizard); so its possible you saved without meaning too.

However:  It would really help to understand what changes you were making to understand if other steps are necessary to recover.


In general, though unsaved changes are lost during  reboot.

To restore a previous saved config and boot from it:

  • Go to shell
  • cd /nsconfig
  • cp <ns.conf.prev> ns.conf
  • reboot

Though you really should save the config as a backup1.ns.conf prior to making changes. You can also use the System > Diagnostics to compare current config to past files before restoring or running the diff command from shell to compare states.


In general, copy the previous saved config to the ns.conf in /nsconfig and rebooting will restore the previous config. The ADC keeps the last 5 previous saves .0 - .4 locally.

However, there are some changes that are not solely in /nsconfig and may be dependent on other files.

Examples:  custom monitors, login schemas, ntp settings go to specific files and directories in /nsconfig

Custom responder import pages, custom html import pages for appfw, custom gateway portal themes, custom appfw sigs are stored to various locations under /var/ (directories) vary. And therefore rolling back the config ns.conf alone may not be sufficient.


If this appliance is the secondary member of an HA pair, its config will likely be overwritten upon reboot by the primary.



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