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BCR Showing extension url followed by actual url in address bar

John Rankine1709154924


Server 2019 running 2203 LTSR CU1. When I browse to https://www.youtube.com for example, BCR works as expected except the address bar is now populated with the extension name followed by the url of the web site, for example "extension://hdppkjifljbdpckfajcmlblbchhledln/bcr.html?bcr=https://www.youtube.com/" if I browsed you youtube. We did an upgrade from 1912 CU5 and we didn't have this problem before.


Has anyone seen this/have a solution?


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Hi John, we are running the same setup (2019 + 2203.1 and 2016 + 2203.1) and are experiencing the same issue.


When debugging the Chrome extension, the following error is shown "WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed:". From what I have seen, it should normally show a reason behind “failed:” but this is not the case with us.


When we delete the user profile and run Chrome the very first time, the redirection works, but just closing and reopening Chrome kills it for all subsequent sessions.BCR1crop.thumb.png.b6d8581f5231cc59615872cdc5c7adc6.png


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