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LogoffCheckSysModules and app hidden after 10 seconds

Roel Niesen




I want to doe something to avoid none gracefull logoof.



- 1 delivery controlelr with storefront

- 2 vda 2016 and 2019


We published a vpn client so one of the users can launch it and the next user will see if it launched or not

Because this application is running in the background I put the exe in LogoffCheckSysModules to have a gracefull logoff after lingering time



When we launche the vpn client as first app, we see the screen pops up, but after 10 secounds it's disappearing.


Step done:

We made a support ticket with Citrix, but after collecting logs and logs we didn't get an answer.

At that moment I didn't know that it was related to LogoffCheckSysModules .

So when the app is included in LogoffCheckSysModules  this behauvour is seen.


I informed Citrix what the trigger of the problem was.

Now we get a slap in the face with an article:



But there is now way around.

We can't expect that end users will close all apps in systray before they log off.

They even don't close main apps like word or outlook before closing the computer or thin client.


So is there a way to disable the hide effect?


I did't yesterday an upgrade to 2203 CU1.










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