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Installing 2206 VDA via SCCM or a command line

David Begbie1709162578




Firstly, apologies if this is in the incorrect section.  First time user of the Forums here.


Im having issues installing the 2006 VDA (single session) to a Windows 20H2 machine using SCCM or even just running the command manually.  I already do this with 2203 and it works perfectly. 


My command for the 2003 install is as follows, this works perfectly as part of a Task Sequence or when run manually on the target device.  (Yes, I have changed the name of the .exe slightly to simplify things inside SCCM.)


VDAWorkstationSetup.exe /quiet /enable_remote_assistance /disableexperiencemetrics /virtualmachine /enable_real_time_transport /enable_hdx_ports /enable_hdx_udp_ports /components vda /mastermcsimage /includeadditional "xendesktopcloud","Citrix Telemetry Service","Citrix Supportability Tools","Machine Identity Service","Citrix Profile Management","Citrix Profile Management WMI Plugin" /exclude "Citrix WEM Agent","User personalization layer","Citrix Files for Outlook","Citrix Files for Windows","Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA","Personal vDisk" /noresume /noreboot /logpath c:\cvw\VDA3.log


This command is calling the 2203 VDA and it works fine.


Now, when I replace the 2203 VDA.exe with the 2206 VDA.exe and run the same command, it fails.  It fails in the Task sequence and it fails when run manually on the target machine.


When I look at the logs I see the atatched pics.


I realise there are some new components in the 2206 VDA that may need to be considered as part of the command line syntax but I am at a loss as to what I need to do.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.








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Looking at your cli I see that some commands are incorrect:


  • /components vda (can't find that)
  •  /includeadditional "xendesktopcloud" (is replaced with /xendesktopcloud)
  • /includeadditional "Citrix Telemetry Service"
  • /includeadditional "Machine Identity Service" (it's only on the /exclude")
  • /exclude" User personalization layer" (it's only on the /Include)
  • /exclude "Personal vDisk" (is replaced with /remove_pvd_ack or isn't installed at all)
  • "Citrix Files for Outlook" & "Citrix Files for Windows" (those aren't in 2206 anymore, you need them to be installed separately) 

So, you need to check all the parameters you are sending with this command. With every version of the VDA, some settings are removed, and some are added. 



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