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Workspace App 2203 locked/frozen

Pascal Springer


Hello everyone,


We are running our whole environment on 2203 LTSR CU1. Our VDAs OS is Windows Server 2016.


Since we are using the Workspace app and also the CU1 version 22.3.1000.1054 we have the following issue:


When a user start the workspace app first time it shows his subscription, but the app is frozen (no message that its not responding) and he can't click on an app and also not on Home, or Apps.

If he minimized the workspce app (clicking on the taskbar icon twice), or using the windows function show desktop and maximize the Workspace app again, everything runs as it should be, and the user can start his apps or a published Desktop.


Reset Workspace or reinstall does not fix this issue.

Any advices?!



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