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DNS load balancing - problem with lookups which give back lots of IPs

Daniel Kruumlger

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Hi there,


I'm facing a dns lookup problem when trying to resolve domains (Active Directory) which give back lots of IPs.


ADC is configured as load balancer for two Windows DNS servers.


We have a AD domain xyz.prod.de.domainname.de, resolving a client (client1.xyz.prod.de.domainname.de) works as expected.

Trying to resolve xxz.prod.de.domainname.de, wich includes about 45 DCs ends in an error.


Windows cmd: *** xyz.prod.de.domainname.de von [ADC virtual DNS LB domain name] not found: Unspecified error.


Trying to resolve the domain via ADC shell (drill xyz.prod.de.domainname.de @ADC virtual DNS LB IP) works as expected.


A trace shows, that the resolution with the large answer is trying to frament the IP packets which are send from ADC to Windows client, fragmentation doesn't happen for lookups like client1.xyz.prod.de.domainname.de.


Does anyone have a hint where to look in order to resolve the issue?


Best regards,



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