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cannot join Citrix StoreFront server and failed to join server farm and mmc crashed.

Artimus Aunos

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I would like to ask question about joining server farm for Citrix StoreFront. 

I have tested to install 2 StoreFronts  and configure StoreFront No.1 and try to add Server with StoreFront No.2  and found error to propagate and failed to synchronize with StoreFront No.2

I run into problems every time I test. I'm not sure what steps to take before joining other Storefronts, after joining and failing. Found unable to open Citrix Storefront, other machines will join like mmc is broken.

Note I tested on new Windows 2016 and installed 2 Citrix Storefront to test the issue and using Storefront from CVAD 7.15 CU8, previously installed from CVAD7.1912 same problem.




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15 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Do you have any group policies controlling membership of local groups? What errors do you see in StoreFront Server > Event Viewer > Applications and Services > Citrix Delivery Services?

No. I have not group policies. 


However, I have tested something  yesterday and it's OK but I don't understood the reason.

1. install SF1 and SF2  

2. Configure SF1 but use Base URL (SF1's hostname) and not enable Default WebSite

3. join SF2 to SF1 as it's work.

4. change Base URL and select Default WebSite from SF1 and propragate SF, again. 

5. it's ok



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