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How to Edit the URL for the "Download" button on the Citrix Receiver Detection Page

Austin Locke

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I Need to change the "Download" Button url from:




because chrome / firefox are marking these downloads as "not Secure" and users without the client are having trouble downloading.  Chrome gives a warning message and firefox just does nothing.


The element has id: _ctxstxt_Download

and the retry link:

<a id="protocolhandler-download-retryLink" class="download-retry web-screen-link _ctxstxt_RetryDownload" href="http://downloadplugins.citrix.com/Windows/CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe">Retry download</a>


but i can't figure out where that url is coming from and how to change it.



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Good Morning Austin,
i never tried to change it but there might be three locations where you can change the URL; depending on whether you are using Citrix Gateway or Storefront. The mentioned files are present on ADC 13.1 with RfWebUI Theme and Storefront 2203.


Citrix Gateway:
1. Open WinSCP and connect to your Primary Appliance
2. Browse to ./var/netscaler/logon/themes/<Your Custom Theme>
3. Create a backup of plugins.xml
4. Change the URL in your plugins.xml
5. Test if everything is working as expected


Citrix Storefront:
1. Create a backup of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<Your Store>\web.config
2. Change the URL in your web.config
3. Test if everything is working as expected


--> If you don´t want to change the web.config, you can also:
1. Open Citrix Storefront Console
2. Select your Store
3. Open 'Manage Receiver for Web Sites'
4. Select 'Configure...'
5. Open 'Deploy Citrix Receiver'
6. Change the source of your Receiver/Workspace-App to "Citrix Website" or "Files from a Remoteserver (URL)" and insert your URL 


Propagate your changes.


I hope it helps you a bit or at least gives you some ideas where to look for it.


Best regards,

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Jens suggestions should work for you. Just adding a few points.


The screenshot above shows /Citrix/ShareBuildersWeb which means this content is coming from the StoreFront Store "ShareBuilders" and therefore not the gateway page content.

If you are load balancing your storefront, is it set up for end-to-end SSL (both SSL vserver and SSL services) and do you have a cert bound on the StoreFront servers itself.

If so, I would have expected all site content to be https:// instead. If you did front end SSL to backend HTTP only, then that might account for the non-https link.


But if not, fixing the pages mentioned by Jens should fix it.  Or a rewrite policy might work. (But I would check the lb setup first.)


(Content from Gateway will usually still have /vpn/<path> or /logonpoint/<stuff> in the paths.

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