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Windows VM loses connection (no ping)





We have Citric farm in ou environnment with (for now) 3 Windows VM launched from a PVS Image.

version of xen server: 8.2 CU1

Version of the Xentools: 9.2.2

Versions of the VM OS: Windows server 2019 Standard


Randomly, one or multiple virtuel machine stops responding to anything besides their streaming network card. The ping fails and the users have a frozen desktop before getting disconnected. 


They are not able to reconnect if we do not restart the network card or the whole VM.


I tried to update the tools on the VM > I get a BSOD at each uninstallation or installation.

I installed the latest updates for the Hypervisor.


I check within the VM avec I can't see anywhere an alert about the cause for a network loss.


If anyone has an idea I'm all ears.


thank you !

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Which version of the VDA are you using?

We had the same issue and could relate it to shadowing a user on that server, and after 30 Min - 4 hours, the machine was getting unresponsible. 


We disabled shadowing within the farm and the issue disappeared.


Please let me know if you see any shadowing on that server that's freezing. 





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