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Application focus issues on thin clients

Dawid Bbn


Hi all,


We have a (.NET) Citrix-published (seamless, full screen) applications on IGEL thin clients that intermittently lose keyboard focus. This happens after users open a pop-up/modal/dialog window within the app (see screenshot) using a keyboard.

Our current workaround is to press the Alt-Tab shortcut that switches the focus from the (transparent?) "ICA Seamless Host Agent" window back to the app window. Another solution is to remote to the affected IGEL thin clients and just click on the pop-up window that brings its focus back.

Is there any way to prevent the "ICA Seamless Host Agent" window from "stealing" the focus from the application? 

What we've tried so far:
- in IGEL OS Registry: windowmanager.tweaks.mode=ALL
- on VDAs apply the "ForegroundLockTimeout=0" GPO 
- used  Server 2012 VDA 7.15 CU1 & Server 2019 DaaS Service VDA 2203
- CWA 21.03 - 22.03



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