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LB defined as RADIUS fails. UDP works. Why?

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Hi all,

I am working at a customer, helping them migrate from one Radius based auth to another. They have the following environment, and hold on to your chairs now! NetScaler MPX 7500 with 13.0 build 87.9nc in a HA pair. USNIP mode is active, but no snip has been defined. Instead they have a MIP in the same subnet as the NSIPs.


I've configured a LB defined as RADIUS that shows as UP. However, when I create the basic auth RADIUS server, the "Test RADIUS reachability" fails.

I created another LB defined as UDP. Created a basic auth RADIUS server with this one and the "Test RADIUS reachability" is OK.


I ran a trace on the Netscaler and we actually saw the RADIUS messages being sent from both LB and received a reject from the RADIUS server as expected. The logs one the RADIUS servers also shows this.


We tried to do a live test and as expected, when using the auth policy with the UDP LB , it works. We tested the policy with the RADIUS defined LB, and it fails.


Can someone please help me understand why this is happening?


Thank you all.




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Had similar issue with a 13.0-87.9 VPX (on SDX).

Radius not working when Radius auth was pointing to a LB.

Tested with UDP that didn't work either for me.


Strange thing was that ICMP and Radius monitor did work when bound to Service Group.

Found that if I created a Net Profile (with same SNIP as traffic used without the Net Profile) and bound that to the Service Group then it worked.


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