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Office 365 dialog box - "Stay signed in to all your apps" dialog box pop up

Christopher Yue


Server 2019


M365 Apps

Shared Computer Activation

Using FSLogix profile management


All of a sudden users are being presented with the following dialog box after login when launching an office app.



I cannot seem to understand why this has happened all of a sudden.


The workaround is to uncheck the Allow my organisation to manage my device and click the option No, sign in to this app only.


At the next login, the dialog box will appear.


I have tried to set the registry keys to block workspace join after getting the machine to disjoin from AAJ but still not joy.



Has anyone come across this and provide some advice please?


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12 hours ago, Ben Estrada said:

I am having the same issue....was there a fix for this?


Server 2019

CVAD 7 2203 LTSR

M365 2208
Citrix Profile Management



Stayed with using AD+Token for the moment.

To tackle the issue with users with do not or have lost their smartphone, we use  the following Windows app to generate  a token:

Authy | Two-factor Authentication (2FA) App & Guides


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