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Trace - circular traces but no roll over

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first of all some background. I have a customer, communicating with an API hosted over the ADC appliance.

Sometimes (some days not, some days once and some days multiple times), there is a problem and the SSL handshake is failing. I have setup debuglogging, but I was not able to identify the problem.

I started a trace and I was able to capture one example of the problem.

- Clients sends a Client Hello (TLS 1.3)

- ADC replies with 'Hello Retry Request' and 'Change Cipher Spec

- Clients replies with 'Change Cipher Spec, Client Hello'

- ADC responds with RST, ACK (Window 9811)


I upgraded the ADC to the latest version but the problem still occurs (less frequently though).


As the problem occurs less frequently, I'm not able to capture the problem in a trace file anymore. I have started a trace with these settings : 
start nstrace -filter CONNECTION.SRCIP.EQ(a.b.c.d) -link ENABLED -size 0 -nf 10 -time 720 -capdroppkt ENABLED -capsslkeys ENABLED -traceformat PCAP
but this is creating a lot of data and I'm not able to capture more then 1 hour. I thought that this trace was circular but this is not how I expect circular logging. I would expect some roll over so that the oldest file is overwritten and that I always would be able to go back 1 hour in the past (due to the amount of data) but this doesn't work. After 1 hour, the trace just stops.


  • Is there a way to configure 'roll-over logging' instead of circular logging (which basically just splits up the trace in multiple files) so that the oldest file is overwritten and so that I can go back on hour in the past?
  • Should I be able to configure a filter on the trace some how to capture only on conversations which ends with a Reset packet? This would create much less data and I would be able to capture on a much longer timeframe without filling up the /var directory.


Once this is solved I should be able to see if the ADC is still / always responding with RST, ACK (windows 9811) - and search a cause and solution for that ?





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