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How do you monitor ADC services when a failover happens

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We are wondering how we might be able to monitor LB VS like dns, ldaps and storefront 


we currently do this on the primary node in HA but the secondary node will show these as down until it fails over then node 1 will alert 


we are using Opsview to monitor these externally i thought maybe i needed to use the snip to do the checks but that doesn't seam to work ( networking is in place ) so is the ADC blocking that ? or does anyone have guidance on how they monitor such services in HA setup  

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Which version of ADC are you on?


Usually, you set up alert monitoring from both primary and secondary as only the primary system can actively probe services (only NSIP is online, no snip on secondary).


But, Secondary ADC's usually report up/down states based on primary status (using Sync), but a few versions of adc have a bug where services appear down on secondary or there may be an issue in your HA sync communication. See next 2 articles:

May also be related to a sync issue between nodes:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX263791/adc-service-status-down-on-ha-secondary-appliance

Article has some additional info on sync between ha pairs:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX109013/troubleshooting-netscaler-high-availability-ha-issues

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