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Has anyone used the Workspace App through Microsoft's Application Proxy

David Graham1709163585


We are standing up some virtual desktops in Azure and need them to connect to one of our sites in Europe and we are in America. Currently we have a site to site tunnel between the office in America and the office in Europe and when in the office in America, everything works swimmingly using Workspace to connect to Europe. We now need to connect the AVDs to Europe to hit the Workspace items. We are not allowed to create a site to site tunnel from Azure to Germany. We have a site to site tunnel between Azure and America, so we are looking to route the AVDs from Azure to America and then to Europe. Not straight forward, but in theory it should work


The issue is getting connected to the published application over in Europe (sorry, but hopefully my wording is correct). When in the office in America we can connect to the host through a web page in Europe and then after logging in the Workspace App starts, click on a tile, and everything is good. This also works when connecting to the client VPN in America, which it should.  The last big gotcha is that the firewall in America is a Meraki, and Meraki will not route across the 2 Site-to-site tunnels. 


So, what we have stood up in a Azure Application Proxy for connecting. With the application proxy in place we are able to get to the host in Europe and we can log in. We can get to the tiles and can click the tiles. After we click the tile, we wait a little and get the message "Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error: There is no Citrix XenApp server configured on the specified address. (Socket Error 10060)"


 We also tested directly from a users laptop that works correctly when in the America office, and when the laptop tries to access the Europe sites we have the same issue with the same warning. 


The error seems to mean many different things when I go to look it up. But, this seems like an issue with the Proxy. Does Workspace App end up communicating over ports other than 443 so this would fail going through the proxy? Has anyone managed to get the Workspace App to work through a Proxy server (or any proxy server)? 


Hope the above makes some sense. Just trying to find a way to get this working.

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