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Capture screen of disconnected session

Paul Peree


Because our testers (Test department) run tests for multiple hours on a Citrix XenDesktop device they do disconnect from the XenDesktop session and the tests are running on the XenDesktop machine while the users is disconnect.
Some test reports do include screenshot made while execution the test. But when the user is disconnected, all screenshots made by the test application are black so there is no evidence the test run succesfull or no screendump of a test failing.
How can the test application run on the Xendesktop take screenshots while the user is disconnected ?  

  • Should the user disconnect via a special methode ?
  • Should we install extra (Citrix) software on the XenDesktop ?

...... ?


Please advise.


On an rdp physical machine the used tsdiscon so the test app could make screendumps while disconnected. But it seems this only works with an rdp connection.


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I had the same problem and neither our tech department nor this forum (https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/417050-keep-screen-alive-when-disconnecting-from-vdi/) could give me an answer.

I found my personal solution in asking our tech department for a second VDI Pool which is a 1:1 replica of the one I use at the moment. The first VDI runs on my laptop and does nothing more than being the host for the second VDI, where all the automation (or in your case testing) tasks are performed. This way, when I disconnect from the first VDI, it still keeps the second VDI alive, which can perform screenshots and image recognition 24/7. Maybe not the cleanest solution, but it works like a charm and is easy to adopt.

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