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Workspace app malfunctions when using multiple stores

Jani Tiira1709163040


We have deployed workspace app to our employees workstations and added 3 stores via group policy. Two of these stores are on same storefront and two subdomains in our forest. Versions 22.4 and 22.7 at least seem to break when using these stores. What happens is the workspace app only shows apps from one store no matter which of the two you select. 








storefront with two stores. How ever we add the stores and log in to both domains user only sees apps from sub1. If we only ad sub2 we see the apps briefly but then get could not connect to server problem 


What is weird is the fact thet 2109.1 workspace app doesn't seem to have this issue. Anyone else have this issue or know a workaround or can tell me if we're doing something wrong with the configuration per my explanation. 


Edit: Just tested LTSR 2203 which also seems to suffer from this issue.

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This sounds familiar to me. I have seen this issue at one of my customers. The customer has two stores predefined via group policy, and when the CWA starts it shows sporadically only the published apps/desktops of one of the two stores. When we perform "Reset Workspace" inside the CWA both stores are shown. My customer has opened a support case, but as far as I know the issue is still under investigation. The current CWA 2210 has the issue too.

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Typo fixed, CWA 2210 and not CWA2211
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Hi Guys,


I issue a similiar problem. Once adding a new store or replacing the old one with the new URL via GPO, the CWA (2307) is loading forever.

Just a reset of the App helps and the new settings are applied correctly.


I have a ticket open with Citrix, but the first call wasn`t very helpful.


Do you have any news on this?

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