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On Kubernetes cluster, vxlanIntf value incorrect versus name on worker node after cnc conf rebuild

Christophe Verley

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On my Kubernetes cluster, I have an incorrect vxlanIntf value against the network interface name on the worker nodes after rebuilding my cnc configuration


I can't seem to force a setting on the Kubernetes deployment side

      serviceAccountName: citrix-node-controller
      - name: citrix-node-controller
        image: "quay.io/citrix/citrix-k8s-node-controller:2.2.9"
        imagePullPolicy: Always
[ ... ]
          - name: vxlanIntf
            value: "cncvxlanfb827"


it does not work on the objet (and env var never used on quay.io/citrix/cnc-router:1.1.0)



Should I destroy the VXLAN interface by hand on the working nodes ?

I have as configuration cnc-router-worker-0:
        - name: cni_type
          value: flannel
        - name: vxlanIntf
          value: cncvxlanc21f9

and on the working node : 
$ ip a 
46: cncvxlanfb827

everything worked well before I destroyed cnc deployment to do a demo for my team



Many thanks for your help


Best Regards

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