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Two different Citrix Sites-1912LTSR, with one Master image.



Hi Everyone,


We have two different Citrix sites/farms ( and  two different domains ), is there a way to implement a single Master image for both sites ?

If yes, does this involve changing the VDA information about ListofDDCs , and ListofSIDs ?


What is the best method to setting up?






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Hi Carl, 


Thanks for responding to my question.



You mean,  Enable auto update of controllers (Citrix Policy)?


What about registry information: ListofDDcs and ListofSIDS, should that be removed/deleted?
or this data will be overwritten once the Master image reboots?
and where will the Master image get the information, if SideA or SideB is implemented.

Do you know if this can be implemented through GPO? if yes, do you need two different types of
GPO's ( one per site).


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