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How to do loadbalance the server using API token for authentication client request 13.1 Netscaler ADC

maulid Akaro


I'm still new to Citrix because we just started using it about four months ago, the platform am use is SDX 15100-100G

in my environment, we configure the load balance and persistence but the scenario

there are two servers that do load balance and persistence for one server

the problem is that the API system  uses  tokens that are generated by the window server, to  avoid users' request goes going direct to the database 

system used that token as authenticating the user request and keep that token for 24hrs, during verification of token Citrix doing load balance by round robin methods, server one is the one who issued the token when they are being load balanced user requests are sent to the second server which is not the one that issued the token and the user gets an error 404 resources not found and display system error, How do I make these tokens handle and the token expires within twenty-four hours?


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