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Citrix & Certificate: a flawed design

Mario Futire


Here we go again.

As soon as a new certificate is issued the Citrix Workspace app is broken.

This time is COMODO something, next time who knows.


I have been using this app for years and still do not understand how it is ever supposed to handle certificates correctly.


I know there are countless SO questions, each with simple solutions to override the certificates with the correct ones.

(btw, wfica works, but selfservice doesn't).


My point is that if I install an app and then I need to `sudo` to fix the certificates linking from the firefox package, then I really think the design is "just broken".


Do you want to ship all the root certificates? Fine, then please release an update each time they change.

Do you want to save yourself a lot of work and leverage the (good) job done by the various linux distributions? Fine, then use them.


Do you want to distribute a broken app? Fine too, don't do anything, you have achieved it!

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