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Workspace Apps will not open App

Erika Wheat


I can login to the Workspace App. I can click on the App, it shows starting, preparing to connecting, connection in progress, and it takes a while but then you get this popup:


"Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error: There is no Citrix XenApp server configured on the specified address. (Socket Error 10060)"

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First is this on network without gateway or remote (with gateway). Other factors may affect connectivity.  Next include CVAD version.


The easiest way to start troubleshooting, is check in director for the launch failure and the failure reason may point you in a more specific direction for root cause, before you go searching all the other logs.


While there are additional logs to review on the VDA and Controllers (and sometimes StoreFront). The Director event may identify an issue before additional troubleshooting is needed.

If possible look for failure reason AND the VDA targeted if known to narrow down additional troubleshooting.


And since some of the articles for this particular error indicate networking, I would confirm whether TCP or EDT is in use and maybe do a network trace from client to vdas to confirm connectivity.



Next step, if  you are getting the ICA file and the issue is between client to VDA and director didn't give you something to work from, then if possible identify which vda is in use, and log on to console and check its event log. Obviously this works better on a server or a workstation that hasn't rebooted yet so you have events and logs to review. You're looking for registration issues or indications of other errors. Start with the application log and look for Citrix Desktop Service events and other things related to session start up.  Look at the ICA file and determine if VDA is identified by name or IP, if the name is resolvable from client, if port is correct.  (If not getting to the VDA for connection, then there won't be events, but the ICA file should confirm what your network trace should be validating.)


You can check the controllers for events as well. 


Some related articles:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX340347/error-there-is-no-citrix-xenapp-server-configured-on-the-specified-address-socket-error-10060



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