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Investigating users that aren't able to reconnect to existing sessions



Hello all, this might be a basic question but I'm having trouble getting started. We have about 200 users logged on (not active) at any given moment in our environment. Between 10-20 of those frequently experience an issue where they can't reconnect to a session they started earlier that was properly 'disconnected' by citrix.


Background: we're on 1912 LTSR, CU2 (1912.0.2000)*. All of my machines are multi-user Windows Server 2019 systems. We have no published Apps, only Desktops made with MCS.


I have managed Citrix Netscaler/ADC for a couple years now but I've now been requested to also manage Director + Studio and do Machine Creation Services deployments.


"Citrix Scout" reports no issues found with the Health Check on a couple (I didn't try them all, as it appears to be random and not contained to any one of the machines).


Now, when they log back into Citrix Workspace and click on the Desktop they had open before, expecting it to open the Viewer and then show them their previous session, instead of the Viewer window opens for a few seconds, then just closes. There is no error message on their end.


For me in Citrix Director, I see these user attempts to get back into existing sessions listed in "failed connections" with failure type = "client connection failures" and failure reason = "none"


This doesn't exactly give me much to go on, at first glance!


Can anyone tell me where to start troubleshooting? Event Logs, or Log Files, on my Delivery Controller? VDA logs on the machine itself? Ask the user to export a log file from workspace itself to send to me?


As we all know, Citrix has a lot of moving parts and there's a lot of places where a failure could be happening. If there's a guide already out here for investigating this exact issue, I'd love to see it!


*(yes, we are planning on updating to a higher CU, or even the new LTSR, very soon - if this is a known issue fixed by one of the CU's then that will definitely mean sooner rather than later!)

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This info may help with figuring out what's going on or if this is a bug...  A lot of this is just standard config checking. (Articles at end may relate to your issue.)


But configuration stuff:

Client info needed: for the sessions not reconnecting

  • What endpoint type and Workspace app version?
  • Connecting through HTML5 or other client?
  • On network (without gateway) or with gateway or is a vpn involved?
  • Any significant patter to user scenario as compared to working users?
  • Related to Delivery Group: are users who are getting this issue and other users  that work part of resources on the same delivery group OR different ones?  (Meaning is the issue only for specific users on specific resources)?

on the CVAD environment:

  • What is the configuration in policies for Session Reliability, EDT?  (And while it should not be in use with SR, ICA Keepalives)  
  • What is the configuration for Workspace Control?
  • And run some policy modelling to make sure consistent settings are in effect for the delivery group/users? (Director can also confirm policies in effect for session.)
  • Any chance session linger or prelaunch are in use (which again shouldn't interfere, unless something is wrong with linger behavior)


Session State via powershell:


Look for AppState and AppStateLastChangeTime to see how application state is being reported.  

Look for MachineSummaryState: which should indicate unregistered, disconnected, inuse.  

Review: SessionReconnection option to see if reconnection behavior is allowed. (Always, disconnectedonly, and same endpoint)

Values explained here:  https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops-sdk/en/latest/Broker/Get-BrokerSession/


If the sessions are not indicated as disconnected when they are supposed to be, then that would explain why reconnects aren't working...but you still need to identify the "not disconnecting" issue.  If sessions aren't permitting reconnects is a different issue.


Finally, GPOs/ADM templates or local client settings can change workspace control behavior at the client endpoint. So maybe the CVAD Site is configured, but the endpoint setting is not correct.  Run regular gpresult to look for aberrant settings via AD gpos against affected endpoints AND check the workspace app settings for "reconnect" behavior.


Standard Config troubleshooting first:

Session Reliability should be enabled and does have its own keepalive mechanism. Classic ICA Keepalives should not be enabled when SR is in use.

If SR is disabled, the keepalives may in fact be needed (but strongly advised against disabling SR in modern environments).


A session failing to go disconnected MIGHT be related an application with a toolbar icon (think old issues with the language bar) which would actually hold a session active.  


Possible related behavior:


And seems to be a problem on 1912 cu1 and cu2 (disconnected sessions not reconnecting...so may just be in fact a bug.)  MIght be addressed in cu3, but various disconnected issues in several releases noted. So without better understanding of cause hard to say if any benefit or not.





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