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Netscaler Error when Launching Applications

Mark Dieken

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I get the below error occasionally when I try to launch an application through my 13.1 ADC.

Your session 'Intranet Edge' did not launch successfully due to error code 2519. Please contact your administrator for more information about the error.


I see no other error in the event log of the ADC or StoreFront servers.

I get this error about half of the time.

I have 2 Citrix farms.  One is a 7.15 farm I am migrating away from and the other is a 1912 farm.  I get this error from both.

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Probably, this might help: https://norz.at/?p=447


But to be honest, I thing, one of your 2 STAs is down. Or STAs in StoreFront are different from STAs in ADC. Please double-check. Having 2 STAs in StoreFront, but just one in Gateway would result in 50% connection failures.




Johannes Norz




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