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Session policy Advanced policy expressions don't work with 13.1 Build 30.52

Ken Z

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Anyone come across the following issue? 


Just built a Citrix ADC VPX (VPX-25 Premium license), using the ESX image of ADC 13.1 Build 30.52

Did my standard Citrix gateway configuration, which included a Advanced session policy expression for Browser access with expression HTTP.REQ.HEADER("User-Agent").CONTAINS("CitrixReceiver").NOT

This did not work and while the ADC portal page accepted my credentials (according to "cat /tmp/aaaad.debug"), the page just looped back to the ADC login page meaning it had nowhere to redirect the page.

It took a while to realise that I wasn't seeing the StoreFront portal after authentication due to the Session policy not getting a hit, so then tried changing the expression to TRUE

That also didn't work. Finally I created a new session policy (but NOT a session profile - used the same profile) as a classic policy containing ns_true

That worked and after authentication it redirected me to the StoreFront portal.


I've been using Advanced policy expressions on Session policies for years, with both 12.1, 13.0 and 13.1 builds, so why would they stop working with build 13.1 B30.52?


anyone else seen this?




Ken Z


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Hi Carl


thanks for the response


I'm not using nFactor with session policies. in fact, didn't realise you could...


Created my session policies via Configuration > Citrix Gateway > Policies > Session

Then linking the session policies to the Virtual Server.


Also, looking at Client Timeout in Session Profile settings (under 'client Experience'), this times out the user session if the Citrix Gateway does not detect any mouse/keyboard activity after x minutes. Don't quite see how that relates to the issue? (could be wrong though)




Ken Z


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