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Backup is not performed correctly after upgrading to 13.1 27.59

Fe Land

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Perform backup operation under nsroot in the GUI or through the Cli (create system backup -level full).
Get 'Done' but backup archive is being created only 159 KB and almost empty, there are no configuration files in it.
In the ns.log: [53496]: fill_fileinfo(): Memory limit reached for maximum files to be packaged in a single backup file. May not backup/restore all files specified specified in CONF file. 
How to fix this behavior?

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8Gb allocated, 409Mb used
I have three environments (each in HA pair).
One of them is a demo with a minimum of services, only Gateway and balancing of the SF and DC + one empty admin partition and there is no error in it and the backup completes successfully on the same updated release 13.1 27.59
And there is also a test environment similar to production in which there are 12 admin partitions and all are quite loaded.
So this error is now in them even when performing a basic backup after upgrading from build 12.51 to 27.59

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Build 33.52 is out now, but the problem still persists.

If I do revert to snapshot (build 12.51), than no error in ns.log and backup file is really full.

If you have only one admin partition, then the problem does not appear.

If you have VPX appliance with a large number of admin partitions (=>12), please, check if the problem exists in your environment?


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Did a simple check. New VPX appliance with 13.1 Build 33.52

I add an admin partition and check the full backup. After adding the sixth admin partition, an error "fill_fileinfo(): Memory limit reached for maximum files to be packaged in a single backup file..." appears in the ns.log. At the same time, all partitions are practically empty, they contain only a few LB-VIP and certificates, just for verification.

It is obvious that the problem requires the attention of the developers of Citrix NetScaler.

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