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Prevent citrix workspace macos "Welcome" message

Michiel Brand1709163568


Dear community,

just discovered that since Citrix Workspace 22.08.1, a superfluous "Welcome to Citrix Workspace" message pops up after each login on the relevant clients (our clients are running Monterey, usually 12.5.1). It's slightly problematic, since users of our company start pasting addresses there, which doesn't work - they should simply log in though the browser and the downloaded .ica-file, as always (since Citrix is hosted on premise, etc.). If they paste in our store address and try to log in, they receive an error: "This store is not available. Retry or contact support." (Error message was translated from German, btw).


Does anyone know how to get rid of this - so not esp. the login error, but the "Welcome" message?

Just to clarify: I don't mean, preventing auto-start; in fact auto-starting Workspace in the background, makes sense in our environment.

Regarding the "Welcome"-message, I didn’t find anything directly in the settings (so the GUI-settings), but haven't played with the Citrix preference files / MDM configuration profiles yet. We do deploy Workspace through our MDM (Jamf Pro), so I suppose I can theoretically push preferences this way (or have Jamf execute a script, which adapts the prefs with the logged in user account, or similar)… I never had the need to do so, until now; in fact it'd be best, if things could remain this way, but ok ?

I’ll check out the documentation on manipulating preferences with Jamf Pro as soon as I find time, and will post it here if I'm successful; but in the meantime, I'm very curious about hints.

Best regards


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