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VDA registers with a DDC even though the VDA is not in DDC's machine catalog

Lukas Prchal




We have two farms/sites = 2x2 DDCs. VDA is installed with "Do it manually" option from CLI, we supply the ListOfDDCs in the script.

In order to have only one image for VDAs in both sites I populated the ListOfDDCs with all 4 DDCs (two from each site).


My assumption was: The VDA will try to register with a random DDC. If the VDA is not in any of the DDC's Machine Catalogs the registration will be rejected and the VDA will try another DDC and will succeed on the third try, at the latest.


In reality, the registration is accepted even from an "alien" DDC and the VDA thinks it is registered to it. It obviously is not.


Of course, there are ways to overcome this (GPO, startup script to repopulate the reg key and restart the BrokerService ...) but this behavior of the DDC is just odd.

I believe this is a design glitch and should be fixed, nah? ?


All components are CVAD 1912, on-prem.


Thanks, Lukas

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