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Can the hostid change by itself on a Citrix Gateway?

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We have a second Netscaler in standby and I logged on to check it today and found that it was not licensed.  I have a valid license on the device, but the hostid does not match.  But it was working within the last week or 2.  This is a VPX running on Amazon cloud.  Could any change in hardware or host server cause this to happen?  This is first time I've see this in the 2+ years I've been working with these servers.   Thanks!

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Generic considerations for VPX and appliances (not specific to Amazon)

Platform licenses are tied to mac address; but if interfaces change the "licensing" mac might be affected (Example if you were to remove a vNic from an appliance that could affect platform licensing).  Separate appliances have separate license files.  

Gateway universal licenses (ccu licenses) if in use, are tied to host name.  Host names can be unique per member of HA pair, but can be set to be shared so they don't change to share the license.


If a license expired or became invalid, which license is it "feature" or "user counts" to understand if it was hostname or not?

Two, if an HA pair is involved, one other thing that might happen is the license directory on primary is "sync" to secondary and overwrites license files. (Which could happen if the wrong file sync command is issued).

Fix for this is to ensure your platform licenses have separate names for each appliance and put both appliance license files and the shared uinversal license in the /var/license directory of BOTH appliances so that if a sync occurs, all files are on both systems.







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