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Create VIP application for testing purposes

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Hello - I am looking to create an application on our VPX that I can solely use for testing purposes. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. Basically I want to setup a virtual server and bind it to a service and develop alerting for when the application goes down, up, etc etc. 


My VPX is on my DMZ 192.168.1.x. So would I need to create an application on that network, lets say .200. and protocol http or ssl. Bind it to my cert. 


Service group - same deal, bind them together.


Server - can I just add any address, like or 6,7,8,9, would that work? AS long as everything is binded together?


Thanks in advance

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As Carl Said.  Real IPs are not required, but you might not achieve what you want.


You can create services that point to placeholder IPs.  However, the services will be always down if the destination IP (server) and its port don't exist or response. While you can make it "unmonitored" than it is just always up.  You can't have an up/down event with a non-existent destination.


You can create lb vservers that point this placeholder services OR actual services. The vserver can take vips in a viable network (so don't do real destinations with a public vip or you will pass traffic).  Or the vserver can have a non-viable VIP that won't route or you can make it non-addressable which has no VIP and can only be used within adc.  

The vserver is up if at least one service is up; the vserver is down if no services are up or no services are bound.


If you want to test monitoring/alerting or up/down states you would need some sort of valid service destination IP.

So before you proceed, make sure your ADC is in an appropriate network and don't create public VIPs to backend services that you don't want actually in use.

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