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Upgrading to new Storefronts 2203 LTSR C1


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Hi Everyone, 


We are in the process of getting ready to upgrade our Citrix Environment from 7.15 LTSR to 2203 LTSR.

We  have stood up two new Storefronts-Version 2203 LTSR .  I was reading Citrix Documentation of Storefront upgrade,


In the Example 2: Upgrade a three-node StoreFront server group without scheduled downtime, 


Do I have to join one of the new Storefront server 2203 LTSR to server group , and remove the two old Storefronts ? 

and the join the second new Storefront to the server group ?


Any help would be appreciated. 







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Hi Carl,


Thanks for quick reply!


Do I have to Export Storefront configuration over (import) to new Storefronts ?

when you say, manually configure the new Server Group to match the old one. (do you mean server group of the two new Storefronts first?).or  I have to join the server group ( two old Storefronts)  to the new Storefronts  Server?




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