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Storage Volume recovery

Stephan Frank1709158647




I used to run a XenServer v7 with two HDD's, one for virtual machine storage and the other one for data. This server decided to give up on me. I don't need the vm storage volume back, I can re-create the virtual machines from scratch if I need them. The second hard disk is more precious as it contains about 1,8GB of my data. It is a 3TB hard drive with two LVM partitions (2TB and 1TB) which I can still see with vgscan. The partition I would like to recover is the 2TB partition. I have tried following instructions on the web to mount this LVM volume which resulted in an error stating that the format is not supported. I then made the big mistake to format this volume with ext4. vgscan is still showing the LVM volumes.


Can somebody help me out please?


Thank you very much.


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