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The keybord shortcut cmd-d in Windows Explorer - dangerous?

Ingmar Hemsen


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On 8/24/2022 at 12:19 AM, Ingmar Hemsen said:


I "accidentally" hit cmd-d having selected a file in Windows Explorer in a Citrix session. The file disappeared without warning or trace. What happened?

I use Citrix Workspace Version: (2206) (for Mac)


Kind regards



Well, I will answer myself. The cmd-D (Mac shortcut for "Duplicate", make copy) is a keyboard shortcut for "Delete" in Windows Explorer. For mac users this is particularly dangerous especially in Citrix since the "Recycle bin" does not work. I just lost the work of five people working two hours each when hitting the "duplicate" shortcut.


Please make sure you at least have the "recycle bin confirmation" selected in Windows Explorer. That will give you a warning before the file is permanently deleted.



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