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Hardware HBA (Using HPE MSA FC 2062) the SR is created but showing as Unplugged

Shakeel Ahamed1709162372


Hi Team,

When trying to created SR Hardware HBA (Using HPE MSA FC 2062) the SR is created but showing as Unplugged tried repairing it throws error as " The storage repository is not available" attached are some screen grabs.


[17:33 IOBXEHOST01 ~]# xe pbd-plug uuid=a3ed97f3-74e9-4ac9-9370-ecc62110db94
Error parameters: , The SR is not available [opterr=no such volume group: VG_XenStorage-32b4f193-e861-2bb0-213a-96842fd871cc],




Highly appreciate help.


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When we are trying to import Suse Linux VM from VMWare hypervisor to XCP-Xg (OVA Export & Import) VM imported but it struck at Boot device: Hard disk success.

We ran below command in Suse Linux VM before exporting.


dracut --add-drivers "xen-blkfront xen-netfront" --force


We appreciate your help  in this regards on how fix this boot issue.






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