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AppLayer Finalize The request from IP does not have a valid session

Rastislav Makys1709161833


Hi, having repetitive issue with Finalizing App layers. Sometimes it works, but mostly always getting an error from compositing engine on finalize that "the request from IP address does not have a valid session". I have to create new connector to VMware center with different host, then it can run once and finalize app layer. If creating another app layer on same connector, finalizing it get again this error.

Thanks for any hint, screenshot added below

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trying to reopening issue, scenario > connector points to single esx, VM get created on this host, it is started on this host as well. no migration of esx host happen during VM editing, shutdown for finalize returns again no valid session. no vmware DRS in, lot of troubleshooting/reconfigure and try, and lost patience and hope this product might work flawlessly. (was adding version to platform layer)

any hint on this? Thanks R.


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