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Changing vCenter hosting connection

Osanda Samaraweera


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Hi Carl, We also have created a new vCenter and will be adding all the hosts /storage to it. Will the Desktops being used by users be affected when we switch to the new vCenter ? Will i have to create new catalogs for my Published App Servers along with my MCS machines?



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You can't delete a hosting Connection if MCS catalogs are using it.


You can create new MCS catalogs using the new Hosting Connection. Then double-click your Delivery Groups, remove the existing machines, and add the new machines. Your published apps will not  be affected unless they are published to tagged machines.

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Hi Carl.


I assume once we remove Hosts from old vcenter and add to new , existing logged in users will not be affected? and then i can just create new hosting connections and move servers to new connection and add to same DGs?


So Plan is create new Hosting connections on new vcenter, create new MCS servers from Base image and deploy into Delivery Groups and remove old servers from DG.

Create new Catalogs for static app servers and remove from old Catalogs and add to new ones then add back into Delivery groups.


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