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ADC - loadbalancing Exchange - SSL handshake failed after hardening exchange

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loadbalancing Exchange was working fine until we hardened Exchange following this article:


Current situation:

- Exchange only accepts TLS1.2 with the recommended TLS 1.2 cipher suites

- on ADC (version 13.0.71) I'm using a SSL backend profile (only TLS1.2 enabled, 4 SSL ciphers - which are in the above list configured on Exchange, 'Deny SSL Renegotiation' set to 'NONSECURE')


I have tried by setting 'AllowInsecureRenegoClients' and 'AllowInsecureRenegoServers' on Exchange on '0' (following hardening guide) and on '1' (following different articles on internet) but it still doesn't work.


I have tried several things and articles (also several posts in this forum) but I don't get it working.


An idea would be to re-enable TLS 1.1 again, but this is something I would like to avoid.


Someone can help me with this?






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