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How does Cloud Connector failover work? Forced 2 servers to Offline Mode with 3rd server Online. VDAs would register sometimes to Offline server and appear Unregistered

Brett Armistead


I have 2 on-prem Cloud Connectors and 1 in Azure, all registered to the one Citrix Cloud Resource Location.

I forced an outage on the on-prem servers to test connectivity to the Azure server, however VDAs would sometimes register to the (primary) on-prem server and sometimes to the Azure server. When registering to the offline on-prem server they appear Unregistered in DaaS, but appear Registered if they hit the Azure server.

Is this how it is supposed to work, and if so then roughly 50% of our PVS Pooled VDAs would become Unregistered in an on-prem datacentre outage, where the Azure Cloud Connector would continue to provide access to Registered VDAs.


I know a workaround could be to update Group Policy to only contain the Azure Cloud Connector and restart the VDA service, but that is a manual intervention we had hoped to avoid.


Is there a trick to get the Cloud Connectors to failover to a fully functioning server rather than become a collection of Offline (using LHC) and Online servers, both accessible to the VDAs?



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It turns out SOAP on *.xendesktop.net was being blocked on the firewalls. The Cloud Connector Connectivity Test and Connectivity Check Tool do not test xendesktop.net so did not show any issues. Once the Network team identified the blockage and opened the firewall to SOAP traffic the Cloud Connector was able to communicate successfully with the on-prem servers and build its LHC.

No mention of SOAP requirement for the *.xendesktop.net URLs in the documentation.

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