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Storefront Update 2203 CU1 An Error occured during..

Pascal Springer




I could upgrade our whole environemnt to 2203 CU1 besides Storefront.

Since LTSR 2203 we are running our Storefront Group togehter with the Delivery Controllers on two fresh installed Windows Server 2022. Nothing else installed on this two VMs.


Both SF have the Hotfix Version 2203.0.1.2. 

Propagate Changes running well.


I am getting on both SF server the same error when I try the upgrade:


"An Error occured during installation" ... 

I attached the eventlog entry and the SF Log from the installation.


I tried already this Article:




But this did not helped.


I tried also to export the SF config, uninstall SF, reinstall it with the CU1. This worked, but I could not import the config becuase of the diffrent version.

Please help





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Hi Carl,


thanks for your response.

In this path are only two storefront Logs:

StoreFrontInstallation_ConfigureInstallation_31-05-2022_12.32.49log and StoreFrontInstallation_ConfigurePostInstallConfiguration_31-05-2022_12.32.50.log

Both are from the initinal setup.


From my todays try are only this logs shown in my screenshot.


Screenshot 2022-08-18 135106.png

Datasheet - What's New- Arcserve - Unified Data Protection 8.0.pdf Uninstall-DSFeatureClass (All)_18-08-2022_11.33.50.log UninstallClass 26195210-67da-430a-ad9b-bfbe07bc1789_18-08-2022_11.33.50.log Remove-DSFeatureInstance (All)_18-08-2022_11.33.35.log

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